Tank Wars Groove Alliance / 3D Groove 2000

The last U.S. city holding out for freedom is under attack by evil corporate overlords that have taken over the rest of the country. Only you have the courage, the skill, and the hardware to repel their assault. Select a tank, select a weapon, and then select your target! It's a game of vehicular combat in a sparsely populated city environment. This is one of a series of online-only games available in the summer of 2000 that uses the Shockwave "plug-in" and Groove Alliance's proprietary 3D Groove Xtra engine to produce three dimension graphics through a standard browser. It was one of the top played titles on shockwave.com, receiving over 1.5 million plays per month.
Shareware Demo v1.1 2.1MB (uploaded by Shareware Central)
Full Demo (3D Groove SX) 4.5MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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