Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation Core Design / Eidos 1999

This time the entire game takes place in an Egyptian setting. Core Design made it rather grueling. Lara explores dark caves, antique palaces, abandoned ruins, pyramids with deadly traps and sarcophagi, temples of powerful Egyptian gods and rivers full of crocodiles. You travel into the desert and Lara explores the valley of the kings and Karnak, where she finds the amulet of the Horus and descend to the cave of Semerkhet. Subsequently, you travel to Alexandria, where you collect different artifacts and valuable information. Then you go to Cairo, where you become acquainted with the dark side of the city and in the labyrinth-like roads you must make your way through. Finally there is a showdown at Giza. The story is absolutely central to the game with FMVs and in-game scripted scenes that advance the plot and connect the levels. Enemies have been given an AI boost and fall into three categories: animals (scorpions, crocodiles), humans (turban-masked henchmen, SAS soldiers) and supernatural beings (skeletons, animated statues, Egyptian gods). You can get stung by a scorpion and the screen undulates, making jumping around difficult and mildly nauseating. Beetles can swarm you and must be kept at bay with fire. You have to read scrolls, figure out riddles and solve genuinely abstract problems. It is by far the longest game in the series, consisting of many levels which connect together in such a way that the player must go back and forth between levels. The puzzles are more thought-provoking as well, incorporating such items as water skins and torches rather than merely relying upon switches, keys and box puzzles.

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Demo v1.1 ~11.8MB ( @ Stella's Tomb Raider Site)
Full Game with 1 hour limit ~578MB ( @
Full Demo 129MB (uploaded by keropi)
Fan-Made Levels
ISO Demo ~692MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Running On XP/Vista
included in Tomb Raider 4+5 - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.7 1.18GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Original Soundtrack (uploaded by hgdagon)
included in Tomb Raider Bundle - EU AlcoholClone 3DVD ISO Demo 17.4GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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