Quake 4: Facets of Reality: The Mummy Wolfmap.ru 2007

This standalone mod was developed by russian Quake fan community and using Doom 3 engine. Also it ported models and animations from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The game consists of 7 new levels, which used the new textures, new models and new AI algorithms. It implemented a completely new gaming world, which puts the player in the dark dungeon of the ancient crypt, causing it to collide with complex puzzles and puzzles inherent in the majestic tombs of the Pharaohs. Richard did not understand what had happened to his transport ship. It was a typical shuttle flight, it was a load of electronic cargo from Australia to central Europe. He flew over North Africa, when engine has suddenly refused. Ship lost control and began to rapidly lose altitude. A lifeless desert all around out the horizon could be seen. A Facets of Reality Dilogy Remastered Edition was released in April/2020 which featured: translated from Russian to English; Absolute HD mod for Doom 3 adapted and included; Complete soundtrack overhaul for The Mummy addon (Original included Prodigy tracks. All music was replaced with creepy ambient); Complete weapon rebalance - Mostly buffs since weapon is extremely weak in original release. Grabber was removed. Chainsaw was added; Flashlight untapped from all weapons.
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Russian Full Demo (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 994MB
Facets of Reality Part 1: The Mummy [Remastered] - English Free Game 2.79GB (uploaded by ModDB)

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