Virus: The Game Telstar Electronic Studios / Kidum Multimedia 1997

Your computer is under virus attack. Your job: seek out the infection, crush the virus lurking in your files and folders, and destroy it before it destroys you. Your own pictures, videos and sounds become part of the game. If it reaches your Windows directory, your files will be destroyed, your mouse will stop working, and your screen will go black. Just remember: it's only a game! Virus is a strategy game, well hidden in a Descent- style engine. The first level in the game is like this: You are placed in an attack craft, and you have to roam around in a lessened version of your directory structure. The task is to destroy the viruses residing in your files. The second level introduces you to the strategic part of the game; you'll need to build up a base and construct attack crafts and Kilobyte collectors. Kilobyte collectors are unarmed units designed to harvest KB which can be converted into energy by your KB Transformer. Energy is what you need to build things. However, new viruses will constantly attack your base, making it very hard to construct a base, even on the basic levels. And that's really what the essence of this game is: To collect kilobytes to build up your base, and then kill the virus. You can tell your units to patrol between two locations, auto-pilot them to new locations, and other various commands. You can take control over your units, and move them around manually, and this is the method of preference.
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Full Demo 43MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 201MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo with DOSBox 328MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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