XIII Ubi Soft 2003

XIII is striking like Tron 2.0 at first because of its different graphics. It uses cel-shaded visuals similar to comic book art. The Unreal engine draws pretty surroundings, the figures are similar to comics with bold borders. Also in the game there are comic-type additions over and over again. Thus one sometimes "hears" enemies, or this is indicated optically by speech bubbles and "Tak tak" the step noises. Also, speech bubbles like "Aargh!" and other similar ones make this an unusual shooter. Also interesting is that this scenario is based on a Belgian comic series. Thus it is really a conversion rather than faithful to the original work. The story itself trades off the fact that one is suspected of having murdered the president. However, one can remember nothing and must try to understand what the actual events were. Nevertheless, you are not without help from others. Sometimes one receives tips, on radio, from people who seem to know more. Sometimes one also fights together with others against the enemies. During the game, you can learn a number of skills such as silent walking, lockpicking and dual weapons handling. Multiplayer modes include: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Sabotage, The Hunt and Power-Up. The game did not sell particularly well and much was made of the millions spent on its development. It definitely is a change from the usual FPS games though.

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2 Level SP Demo ~80 MB 2 Level MP Demo ~158MB ( @ File Planet)
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4CD ISO Demo + v1.3 Patch 2.35GB (uploaded by Meddle)
Fan-Made Maps
4CD ISO Demo (MDX images) + Patches, Scans 2.49GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Unofficial Patch 1.4
Good Old Games Version ISO Demo 1.97GB (uploaded by Terje_P)
How to play in widescreen
GOG Digital ISO Demo v. 2.00GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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