Cartoon Strike Gametoria / GameFlare 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Feb/2020 In this multiplayer game, each map offers a different gaming experience. Players can enjoy a few minutes of fighting in the WWII, followed by a few minutes in the present, future or even crazy mode. Aside from the default game modes, players can experience modes like Capture the Flag or Capture the Point. Early Access version offers you 5 maps with 5 different modes: Tounine – WWII with Germans and British forces in Team Deathmatch; Arabian Night – medium-size map that takes place at night. Soldiers and terrorist will fight against each others in Arms Race game mode; Planet Khione – a snowy map from the future with Free-for-all mode; Stream Houses – a war of streamers with Capture the point mode; Airport – medium-size map with Capture the Bag mode. Features: Leveling system; Bonus boxes; Anomalies; A number of skins, weapons and other accessories. Full version new maps: military map with new mode Push and Pull; Community choice – you will be able to submit ideas about your own maps; Achievements; A Steam Workshop implementation; An upgrade of the already available maps and functions; And much more.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)
Browser-Playable Free HTML5 Game (uploaded by GameFlare)
3-Level & 3-Mode Downloadable Demo 248MB (uploaded by

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