Momoiro Underground Shohei Yuki / M's Art, Hanaji Games 2017

This is a horizontal shooter played in an underground world of animals. Momoko is a genius high school student, who is not getting along with others in her life. One day, Momoko happened to find a weird looking animal and saved him, who turned out to be from the underground world, and named Grave. As appreciation, He told her about the existence of the underground world, a paradise for animals where human government doesn't reach. Momoko decides to connect the surface and the underground. And therefore so-called 'Pinky Project' has been launched. Aoba and Akane are classmates of Momoko, looking for a part-time job that is happened to be offered by a company named 'IOQ', in which Momoko is a boss. Their job was transporting resources from mountains, needed to reinforce the gigantic Leonard Tower so it can be connected to Shibuya IOQ in the surface, using a small fighter plane named 'Pinky Salt'. At the last day of their job, Aoba and Akane discovered the purpose of the job. Monsters from the underground will going to appear on the surface, Momoko should be onto something. To escape from the underground, and to stop Momoko, Aoba and Akane pilot Pinky Salt. Features: Rank System - The game dynamically changes its difficulty to match the player's skill level; Routes - There are total of 21 routes, each of them consist of 8 out of 16 Underground stages, and 4 Tower stages; Shop System - when the player ship gathers enough Animal Souls, a portable remote vending machine will be brought to the ship, at which the player can upgrade their weapons and repair the ship; Adjustable Stage Progress Speed - With a skillful play, speedrunning is possible in this game.
ISO Demo 201MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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