Foreverhood 1993

Back in 2004, the developer came up with an idea to use a game engine to do a small film project. Using what he knew of game engines at the time, he created a small linear experience composed of billboarded sprites from a sketchbook. After showing off to a few of his professors what he had done, he spent his senior year of college neglecting his studies as a graphic designer to flesh out the project from linear film to indie game. The premise of Foreverhood is abstract. You are one of the Nuu, a childhood race of creatures that spend their time daydreaming on a small planet of woods and mountains. The player awakes one day to find themselves under an overcast sky with everyone distraught over the change that is in the air. You navigate the space under the watch of the Sequas or parents of the world to uncover what is beyond the clouds and what lies in store for the world of your kind. In the land of memories, the purity keeps this world alive. All creatures native to the world of forever know only of the child like innocence they where created with. Their world that of child-and-parent partnership, a timeless play land built to contain happiness. However, this all came crashing down the day evil peered through the overcast sky. They called it "the nightmare", and with good reason. Its evil tore through the land, eroding away the terrain and crippling the life it encountered. Those inhabitants that where not killed by the evil became mutated versions of their former selves, lashing out against those that retained their innocence. It was the darkest time the world had ever seen; it was also the day you arrived into this world. Nobody knew what to make of you at first, as you clearly weren't native to these parts. Your memory was blank, your identity was lost, but something about you seemed trustworthy. Embraced by the last of the innocent inhabitants, you...
Download Beta v1.1 25.83 (uploaded by ModDB)

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