Survive Erminio 2018

From the maker of Solace Dreams comes this standalone GZDoom mod which focuses on micromanagement implementing Fallout 4 style base building in combination with Call of Duty Zombies horde mode. Construct and purchase supplies and upgrades for your weapons, build turrets and place traps to protect you from the monstrous hordes of enemies you will face. The player will first have a choice of a few unique venues to play in, each with a different theme and layout. You are then prompted with another menu with your desired enemy type, depending on your selected category you will face a abundance of unique monsters with different strengths and weaknesses. You take on the role as Leon who must survive and protect his girlfriend Jess at all costs. You will start with a blacksmiths hammer giving you access to constructs you can build to help defend yourself. Of course this is not free, you will have to carefully manage your HEX resources by building Hex productions. With a steady generating supply you must carefully invest in weapons and constructs, while in the mean time holding off the enemy. Jess will offer words of encouragement and advise, staying close to each other will slowly regenerate both hers and your health. You will then need to survive for as long as possible, there is no winning in this game, eventually you will be over run to the point of your inevitable death.
Free Game v1.2.1 201MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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