Danmaku Simulation 296 Samco Software 2015

There are not many shmup training software, and most of them are focused on "bullet training", that is to say, learning to negotiate patterns. With this, things are changing. You have therefore understood that this is not a full-fledged shmup, but a training program to get you started in the customary maneuvers of any danmaku player. And we can actually say "any player", because the game has the intelligence not to neglect anyone. Whether you are a beginner wanting to know the unspeakable thrill of these games or a seasoned player wanting to test his abilities in a given situation, it necessarily contains the exercise you need. There are three schools, three "classes" (Novice, Middle & Advanced) with a total of 24 missions which are therefore as many tests as the shooter candidate will have to complete. The first eight will be submitted to you by a very accommodating instructor, the following by a more demanding master and the last will be as ruthless as your new sensei. It reminds a bit of the plot of these military abuse simulation games that were Pilotwings and Pilotwings 64. To pass these tests, you will find two machines operating on a now classic danmaku scheme: a close shot or flared, a laser obtained by holding the fire button and which will slow down your cuckoo clock and a smart bomb. The hitbox is also indicated on the screen, which is never too much. Each class will assess your potential according to several objectives, ranging from the simplest to the most rigorous: correct handling in the play area, reasoned use of the laser and the bomb, slalom, rapid destruction, chain destruction, skills to bullet cancel, confrontation against a boss ... But many other more original exercises will be on the menu, like these missions where you will have to destroy a series of prune watering cans without having the right to let appear even a single projectile, or even the formidable test of the mastery of the aura of your laser ... The background decoration is a large grid, witness that a little geometry can be helpful in the science of positioning. Each class will offer a final level of shmup in the final mission, which will stage everything that you are supposed to have mastered during your "learning" of the previous missions. Finally, the game cultivating suspense, the ultimate class will not reveal its final mission to you once all the previous missions have been completed. Once the three classes are completed, you have the joys of a "sub game" that promises to be up to your merits. Because if the first objectives are childish, the latter will not skimp on the severity and will require a few tries ... And again, that's an understatement. This program is therefore a very good idea and above all stands out from the other “simulators” of shoots by a fairly rare exhaustiveness in the matter. And then testing yourself is always profitable. The game is also kind enough to offer you demos to guide you (you see if you want to use them or not) as well as some textual indications, but alas, these do not seem to have passed the translation test.
Free Game 4.4MB (uploaded by Freem!)

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