One Ship, Two Ship, Redshift, Blueshift Hypyryl 2015

Two ships battle an endless war in space and time. This is a lightning-paced local multiplayer paddle game in which two pilots fight to keep the hyper-ball in play while contending with obstacles and threats unleashed by their opponent. Played best with a friend and two gamepads, you can also play single player or with a keyboard. How to Play - Gamepad: Right-stick: Move / A: Fire / X: Speed Change; Keyboard: Arrow Keys: Move / X or V: Fire / Z or C: Speed Change; Paddle Mode: Dodge drone fire and missiles and hit the ball; Fighter Mode: Shoot at anything sharing your ships colors. It was originally created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 30, where it placed #6 overall and #2 in audio. Since then it has been accepted into the Magfest Indie Videogame Showcase as well as the first Indie Megabooth at EGX.
Full Demo 24MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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