Extreme Wolfenstein 3D Sigma64 2017

This is a Standalone gameplay enhancement mod for modern gamers using ECWolf source port with both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. Now you can play classic levels as they felt the first time; tense, and precarious. Enemies are stronger, smarter, and better equipped. Variety has been added to the enemies, so that you never know what may lurk around the corner. Some boss levels are automatically tweaked, to include mini-bosses or different items. The arsenal has increased dramatically; you now have at your disposal a rifle, chain-gun, flamethrower, and rocket-launcher in addition to the original weapons. Duke-Nukem style kicking is possible with the alt-fire key, and you can throw stick-grenades with the reload key. What are you waiting for? The Reich isn't gonna vanquish itself.
Free Game v4 9.87MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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