Aliens Versus Predator: Gold Edition Rebellion Developments Ltd. / Fox Interactive, Inc. 2000

This contains the original game (with tweaked features such as improved graphics and a completely rebuilt multiplayer codebase), 5 bonus levels for each race, the Millenium Expansion (which added two new weapons for the Marine and nine official new multiplayer levels), and Prima's Official Strategy Guide (which all but the most hardened gamers will reference). New in-game Save feature allows you to save your game as you progress through levels. There is also support for custom maps. Nine new multi-player maps are available. Most of them are based on the movies. Lab 14, Hadley’s Hope, Elevator, Subway, Leadworks, Meat Factory, Nostromo, Compound, and the Rebellion Office. These are all good maps, and a lot more crawlspaces for an Alien player to hide. The biggest level is Nostromo, which rivals Stranded in size. Rebellion also included a custom map folder for user made levels using PREditor level editing features. As long as all of persons playing have the same map, you can play multi-player games in the new maps. Also, when loading the multi-player session, it will tell you what level you will be in, and what weapons are disabled. Also, auto-switching weapons may be turned off as well. The Euro release has different voice actors than the North American version.
Full Demo Gold *Repack* ~165MB (uploaded by keropi)
 1  2 
AvsP Gold - Movies ~30MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
 1  2  3 
AvsP Gold - Audio CD Addon ~65MB (Ripped for 3DSL by dead-meat and uploaded by keropi)
Direct3D9 Renderer (to play on WinXP)
2CD Gold ISO Demo 753MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Included in Classic 2000 ISO made from Steam rip ~474MB (upped by Shattered) *includes Update v1.05
included in Classic 2000 Full Demo with Redux 2.0 414MB+2.6GB (uploaded by 3Spot)
Source Code Update

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