911 Fire Rescue Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / WizardWorks Software 2001

This is a first-person "Douser" that pits you against raging fires. You run into burning buildings with your fire hose to put out fires and rescue trapped victims. The game is set in houses and buildings, simulating smoke that blurs your vision and burns your lungs. The missions require you to find the people trapped inside. Controlled like a first-person shooter, you aim and fire your hose at flames to douse them. Searching locations is made difficult by the presence of smoke. You only have a limited amount of oxygen and you need to crouch or steer away from smoke to survive. There are different types of fire to battle: electrical fires, fires with oil and grease, special metal fires, etc. For each situation, there are different strategies to face it, with a CO² extinguisher, portable foam sprayer and different types of hoses. Sometimes, you also need to disable the electric circuits first. With truck hoses, there is an unlimited amount of water, but the others will require you use the supply carefully. You put out fires, and find and click on the body to end the level. Points are based on your speed. There are 17 missions in total and these are unlocked gradually.
Full Demo 44MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 143MB

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