Mustang Vs. Fw 190 Just Flight 2002

A famous 'Dogfight Double' take each other on in Combat Flight Simulator 2. Mustang Vs Fw 190 includes an incredibly detailed rendition of each aircraft; you can take control of a Mustang or Fw 190 and sit in front of an authentic panel with working custom gauges or look out over a rendered virtual panel. The features include sliding canopies, rolling wheels, moving suspension and even working drop tanks! There are new paint schemes available to download or you can use Flight One’s Text-O-Matic to create your own. Also included are two custom airfields, Bodney and Abbeville, that come back to life in exceptional detail. To add to the excitement you can fly 18 unique new missions spread across two challenging campaigns. Keep the 190s away from your bombers or take out the Mustangs and leave the bombers vulnerable? The choice is yours!
Download: None currently available

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