Dam Busters, The Just Flight 2002

In this expansion for Combat Flight Simulator 2 and Flight Simulator 2004, 617 Sqn's most famous raids are re-created for the first time in a PC simulation and this package is officially licensed by the Royal Air Force. The Dam Busters epitomised the best of British determination and ingenuity - this PC simulation is no different. Just as Wallis and his team struggled to make this remarkable technical achievement, Just Flight and its development team have worked diligently to achieve the level of realism worthy of such historic events. Mimicking history, one of the most difficult elements was the bouncing bomb effect - a first in flight simulation! The Dam Busters' most famous mission demands you summon the skill and courage of the heroic WWII crew to destroy the Ruhr dams and paralyse the enemy's industrial heart. The Dam Busters, as 617 Squadron became known as after the raids of May 1943, were also responsible for some of World War II's other great sorties - the sinking of the Tirpitz, raids on V1 & V2 rocket sites, Bergen U-boat pens and, of course, the raid on Hitler's 'Eagle's Nest'. There are 25 daring missions awaiting you in The Dam Busters, which hosts an impressive and authentic selection of aircraft which were used by 617 Sqn. including the famous 'bouncing bomb' Lancaster, Grand Slam Lancaster, Lancaster B1, Mosquito and Wellington.
UK AlcoholClone ISO Demo 397MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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