Army Men: Air Attack Aqua Pacific / The 3DO Company, Atari Europe 2001

The GPN reports a plot by the evil Tan Army to seize the Green Army's borders. Colonel Grimm expects your new Alpha Wolf Battalion to stop General Plastro's wicked invasion. Led by Captain William Blade, your mission is to pilot four helicopters (with pyrotechnic artillery) through the backyard, picnic, and beach terrain to stop the Tan in their tracks. Capture giant teddy bears, blow up sandcastles, and save Sarge from a melting by kids with a magnifying glass. This is much like Army Men: Air Tactics, except in full 3D. You must pick up any lost Army Men, or shoot down enemy helicopters and ground forces to allow you fellow troops to push forward. You start with the Huey, with the Chinook, the Super Stallion, and the Apache opening up in later levels. You can also fight it out with a friend in a multiplayer mode, or you need the help of a co-pilot, so choose carefully from the following: Hardcore, who loves homing rockets; Rawhide, another rocket lover; and Woodstock, your machine gunner. An in-game map will help guide you as you grab power-ups, mission-specific characters, or world objects with the winch cable. Drop an apple, rock, or crate on the enemy to crush them. While you're at it, use machine guns, rockets, napalm, and flares to aid your fellow soldiers in their attack against the Tan's ground and air troops.
Included in Army Men Value Pack 2 4CD ISO Demo (upped by Egon68) plus Army Men, Army Men: Air Attack, Army Men: World War

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