Army Men: Sarge's Heroes Aqua Pacific / The 3DO Company 2000

Whereas the first games in the Army Men were strategy titles, this game was a third person shooter. You play the Sarge, awakening to find your base being overrun by enemy tan soldiers. You've got to find Colonel Grimm and get him to safety and along the way you'll meet other members of your team who were captured, spies from the Blue squad, and the Colonel's lovely daughter, Vikki. You'll find weapons such as the standard issue M-16, mortars, mines, bazookas, grenades, sniper rifle and everyone's favorite tool of mass plastic destruction, the flamethrower. The fun in this game is you get to fight in areas like the garden, the bathroom, and the sandbox as they become exciting areas when you are so tiny. You also get to use fun vehicles, like helicopters, tanks, and the maniacal V-bots. The graphics might not be as good as better games but the idea is fun.
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Full Demo ~23MB (by keropi)
ISO Demo ~475Mb (upped by Egon68)
Included in Army Men Value Pack 2 4CD ISO Demo (upped by Egon68) plus Army Men, Army Men: Air Attack, Army Men: World War

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