B-17 Gunner: Air War Over Germany Sunstorm Interactive / Infogrames / WizardWorks 2001

The year is 1944. You're four miles high and deep behind enemy lines on a daylight bombing raid. Surrounded by cannon fire and flak, you defend your bomber against a gauntlet of German fighter planes, antiaircraft fire, and experimental jets. This game focuses exclusively on the authentic recreation of WWII-era aerial gunnery, from the realistic rendering of German aircraft to the mood-setting soundtrack to the detailed controls of the American B-17. It's basically a rail shooter. The player takes the place of six machine gunners on board on a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. When the gunners take too much damage they die, and its get more difficult to protect the B-17. A simple mouse click switches between the turrets. When approaching the goal, the game switches to a overhead map and the player has to order the bombing by pointing the crosshair over the right building. The game features 25 missions.
ISO Demo 186MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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