Unreal Tournament: Bonus Pack 4 Epic Games, Inc. 2000

This was the final free bonus pack released by Epic around Christmas 2000 and it features two new player characters, two texture packs and 12 maps. The characters are: Xan Mark II - after his defeat in the Tournament, Xan has been rebuilt from the ground up. He's stronger, faster, and a hell of a lot meaner looking; WarBoss - Liandri researchers have been experimenting with recently uncovered Skaarj technology and have been implementing their results in a new model. He's the fastest and most agile robot ever produced. These characters are higher poly than the original UT characters, so you may see a slow down on slower systems. The maps are: CTF-Beautitude - Medium sized Ancient temple CTF; CTF-EpicBoy - Warren Marshall's medium sized gothic themed CTF map. This map is very detailed, we suggest a fast PC for it; CTF-Ratchet - LARGE industrial CTF map. Needs many players; DM-Bishop - Large Gothic style DM with excellent central combat area; DM-Closer - Industrial DM with great flow; DOM-Bullet - Large sized Domination map; DOM-Cidom - Small Domination map similar to Condemned; DOM-WolfsBay - Medium sized Domination on an out of control hovercraft. This map is very detailed, it's suggested a fast PC for it. Plus, this pack contains 2 maps that are built for ONE ON ONE Tournament play: DM-Grit-TOURNEY and DM-Viridian-TOURNEY. It also contains 2 updated UT maps: CTF-Face-SE - A slightly modified version of the infamous Facing Worlds map. Players spawn out of sight of snipers, some teleporter fixes, etc.; DOM-Lament][ - Remixed version of UT's original Lament map.
Free Addon 14MB (uploaded by GameFront)

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