Acid Moon [G] Motelsoft 2001

Acid Moon is an exciting 3D roleplay action-adventure game with FPS action. On the planet Acid Moon, in a far galaxy, you slip into the role of the agent Angel, who works for the government there. A company named ARGUSA exploits the planet and the workers mercilessly. With time, the discontent among the workers in the silos, the so-called Retros, germinates. A small group of Retros unites with a group of the resistance, which calls red Space, unrest grows and incites the workers. Perhaps there's a traitor with ARGUSA or is somebody else behind this? This is now the time, where your boss counts on you. Its your task to seek out the the resistance and give them your handywork, before they infiltrate the whole system on Acid Moon.
German Free Game 417MB (uploaded by Official Site)
English Translation (provided by crowfeathers & upped by Scaryfun) 8kb

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