WarZone 2 Ben Librojo 1999

WarZone 2 is a 3D arcade shooter. Like the original, it gives the player control over a single tank with the main objective of surviving and destroying countless waves of enemy tanks. In order to do that, the player must constantly seek cover from enemy fire behind buildings or trees, and shoot back using the tank's main gun. There is an infinite number of rounds, which reload automatically once a shot has been fired. Some tanks are destroyed after only one hit, others require more. The player's tank itself is vulnerable to enemy fire and will explode once it reaches 100% damage. The game can be played from different perspectives, including several external views, one from inside the tank and even a circling helicopter perspective. Only the first-person view offers access to a radar that tracks all obstacles and enemy positions. It has two graphical modes: solid polygons and wireframe, which is reminiscent of the first game's graphics.
Browser-Playable Free Java Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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