Crazy Chicken Wanted / Moorhuhn Wanted XXL Phenomedia Publishing GMBH 2004

Moorhuhn, a German word for "Swamp Chicken" is a series of German games that are extremely popular in Europe, but are little known in English countries. The original Moorhuhnjagd ("Swamp Chicken Hunt") freeware game was created by a German multimedia company called Phenomedia for advertising of Johnny Walker Whiskey. It has inspired many sequels, including the following shooting galleries. Moorhuhn 2 was created in partnership with Computer Channel and with 18 million downloads it turned out to be even more successful than its predecessor. Created for Chip-Online, Moorhuhn Winter Edition takes the Moorhuhn 2 engine and adds a winter setting and even more hidden puzzles and gimmicks. Released in 2003, Moorhuhn X was the first game of the series to be released in multiple versions. XS for free, XL had more content and was distributed in partnership with XXL had all content and was distributed as a software package to various retailers and internet stores. The purpose of these games is very simply to shoot as many of the chickens as possible in the 90 seconds of gameplay. Hidden throughout the games are numerous puzzles and extra features that make them especially addictive. Moorhuhn Wanted takes place in a lawless place called Gun City and it's the first game where the chickens shoot back. Desperado-chickens, guns blazing, drove the sheriff out of the city. You must bring back order and justice. There are four different levels in higher quality graphics than previous games. There's a new feature where you can test your itchy trigger-finger against the ruthless chicken gangsters in the duel-shootout! You can upload your high-scores online also. The XS free version with only the bonus duel level which is however optimal for practicing. The XL version has 1 level and bonus level for a smaller price. XXL has the full 3 levels, bonus level, and extra bonus material. In 2006 Focus Multimedia released game in English.
English 15-min Trial ~52MB ( @ / German XS Demo ~15MB ( @ / Mirror ( @ CHIP
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ISO Demo 88MB (upped by Scaryfun)
included in Moorhuhn: Die ersten 10 Jahre - German DVD ISO Demo 2.34GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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