Third Dimension, The Davidson & Associates, Inc. (Knowledge Adventure, Inc.) 1996

Players begin their The Third Dimension experience with a fast-action, powerful movie introduction that highlights the program's special effects. A palette of easy-to-use options to create a variety of cool, futuristic 3-D environments are now at their fingertips: wild backgrounds, over 70 3-D objects, animations, lots of spectacular lighting effects, New Age sounds, unique manipulation tools and much more. To further their creative options, players can also import 3-D objects from other programs or export their creations as bit-mapped files. Extensive on-line help, quick tips and audio help make these and other functions simple to execute. All of these creativity options make playing The Third Dimension an exciting, unique experience every time it's on the screen. "Create an underwater scene where sharks fly through lazily, with dramatic lighting and sound effects to match. With a simple click of the mouse, change the sharks to pulsating, vividly colored triangles. Another click can make those triangles bounce of comers, only now it's in outer space, with new sound effects and lighting. This is just a glimpse of what the experience is like with The Third Dimension," said Davidson.
ISO Demo 375MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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