U.R.B.A.N. The Cyborg Project Jonas Borgström, Thomas Nyberg 2002

This is a side-view action game with a platform game-like perspective. The U.S. government is conducting a top secret project to create a cybernetic soldier. They kidnap a civilian, Urban Gutter, to be used as an unwilling guinea pig for the cyborgization process. However, something goes wrong and the powerful cyborg wakes up prematurely. The player controls the cyborg and his goal is to escape the military base, all while causing as bloody a massacre as possible. The player can walk in four directions (left, right, and toward and away from the screen), as well as jump. On each level the player must reach an exit, which usually requires finding keycards. On the way the player encounters harmless scientists, as well as soldiers. Pick-ups include health refills, extra lives and better weapons, though all weapons other than the starting machine gun have limited ammo. The game contains large amounts of violence, with killed enemies falling apart into bloody chunks, and splatters of blood staying on the floor.
Free Game with sound 8MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Free Game 1MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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