Tinker Fuel Industries / Microsoft Corporation 2008

Tinker is a puzzle-game where the player has to guide a small robot safely to the level exit. In-between are many obstacles and mazes to overcome. To make the task even more difficult, the robot has only a limited amount of energy available to him. Each move and each turn requires 1 energy. Some levels contain a battery for recharging. If the reserves are empty, the robot dies. Lasers and falls from more than one floor are also a cause of death for the little bugger. To overcome the different kinds of obstacles, the player controls the robot himself from a isometric perspective and has him moving different kinds of blocks like ice blocks, that melt if shot with laser around, activate/deactivate switches and buttons and by doing so control bombs, lasers and magnets to create a clear and safe way to the exit. Elevators, conveyor belts and elevators further increase the complexity of the riddles. Although getting to the exit will be enough to finish a level, three bonus objectives are available to increase the re-playability value as well as for unlocking achievements. To get the most out of a level, the player needs to be as fast as possible, have a certain amount of energy left at the end of the stage and have collected all the cog wheels in the level. It was originally released as part of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Extras, and contained 60 levels including a 20-level tutorial. A free map editor (level builder) was also released but it is not compatible with the later Games for Windows – Live expanded 2009 version with 160 levels including the tutorial. This version also has 15 Achievements worth 200G, similar to many Xbox Live Arcade games.
Free Game 60MB (uploaded by Softpedia)
Free Game with GFWL emulator dll (provided by hgdagon & uploaded by Scaryfun) 47MB
Full Demo v6.0.6000.16748 (Win7 addon) 69MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
GFWL Update (extract and install over Softpedia version. custom levels created in the TinkerEditor need to be validated to be listed in game) 43MB (uploaded by PC Gaming Wiki)

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