Super Moose / Superlosiu Intermarum / PlayWay 2014

You have to know Superman and his supernatural powers. Batman, the Batmobile speeding through the streets of Gotham, or Spider-Man, who leaps tall buildings without a problem. Learn therefore of SuperMoose. Here is someone who has neither a good car, or tall jumps, not even his real, beautiful beloved. It's just ... Moose, but he is not just an ordinary Moose! He may not know karate, muay thai, and jujitsu, but he has a huge heart! When someone needs help in the forest, Hes the first who is... getting away! So far in the forest they lived peacefully. There was no indication of the coming calamity... The company is involved in construction of housing, wants to penetrate into the forest, cut it out completely, deprive animals of their natural home and put their blocks of flats. The animals are not too happy, someone wants to evict them without leaving anything in return. Everyone starts to panic! They do not know what to do! The only one that has not experienced one bit of fear ... It's SuperMoose! But not because he is brave ... simply asleep and did not hear. You have to stop people before they do damage to the forest, so they may not lose their natural environment. He must have the courage and caution! The game is a kind of tribute to the old and good platforming, i.e. Crash Bandicoot, Kao, and Sonic. It uses Unity 3D engine to create something truly new.
Level Demo 58MB (uploaded by Official Site)
EN/PL ISO Demo 231MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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