Silly Noisy House, A The Voyager Company 1991

Secret passageways, a teddy bear's birthday party, tongue twisters, and a piano-playing spider are just a few of the surprises in A Silly Noisy House. Point and click your way through this animated musical toy box to discover fun behind every drawer and door: timers go off, birthday balloons pop. Open the fridge and find Betty Botter in the Butter Keeper, match sounds in the Silly Noisy Game, or play pin the tail on the donkey. Move things around, too: serve up fish 'n' pretzel sandwiches, or wave a magic wand to reveal a teddy bear's dream. Delightful animations, 14 favorite songs and rhymes, and over 250 silly noisy sounds guarantee a fun-filled introduction to the computer for the youngest members of the family.
Level Demo included in: Voyager Presents (1995) ISO Demo 294mb (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
ISO Demo 239MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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