Droiyan Next [K] KRGSoft / KS Entertainment 1998

This is a follow-up to Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods, one of several titles in the Droiyan series of Korean action rpgs. This one has a side-view like a beat em' up. The plot is like this: a powerful sorcerer rescues from the confinement of the evil celestial, and now a group of three heroes will have to defeat him. Before the beginning one character from three offered (the warrior, the mage and berserk) is selected, after which we get to the first level. The combat system is reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara: there are usual strokes and combos, depending on the sequence of keystrokes. There is a simple role-playing system of two characteristics (attack and defense), rising with the level along with a stock of health and mana. Opponents, among whom there are goblins and dragons, attack either from near or from a long distance, but most of the problems are delivered by enemies, who, conditionally speaking, can fly around the screen. However, this can happen to them from our attacks, but sometimes they may be out of the screen, and they will have to wait for their return. With those who can fly such a situation is not uncommon and it requires skill, so as not to perish from such actions. There are bosses waiting, as a rule, at the end of the level, but it's not so simple with them - they can not be called difficult, but they have the ability to navigate a turntable, thanks to which they can fly out of sight at the beginning of the battle, leaving you to deal with the henchmen. And then a long game begins, "who will be overpowered by the expectation" with a pinpoint damage. Successfully passing the level, you can save and move on to the next. The graphics are executed with a side view and in general at a good level, especially the backs. With characters and monsters is obtained in two ways: in statics is not bad, in motion is not very (perhaps because of the small number of animation frames). Music sounds brisk, partly helping not to get bored. As a result, the average turned out to be - according to the feeling - beat'em up, which, however, it makes sense to pay attention to the fans of the genre taking into account the fact that its computer representatives are few.
Korean Full Demo 199MB (uploaded by Carbon)
Korean ISO Demo v1.2 338MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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