Widget Workshop: The Mad Scientist's Laboratory Elliott Portwood Productions / Maxis Software Inc. 1995

This game allows kids eight and up to experiment with math and science in a fun, open-ended way. They can choose to solve puzzles included in the game or make their own widgets, which do things like making a dog bark or counting how many seconds are in a year. The player selects different components that perform certain functions (such as an input device, a power switch, a randomizer, a logic operator, or an output display) and links them together to form a "widget". Widgets can be made for many purposes, such as a puzzle, a calculator, a game, a logic gate, or a Rube Goldberg contraption. The manual explains many of the concepts kids will run across in their explorations, such as scientific notation and logic gates. It also explains the many parts that kids will find in the game. At the back of the book is a "Mad Scientist's Diploma" that kids get to fill out after they have completed all of the puzzles in the game.
16-bit & 32-Bit Full Demos 7.8MB/6.2MB (uploaded by Vetusware)
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Clone ISO Demo 241MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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