Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Emerald Software Ltd. / U.S. Gold Ltd. 1989

You play as pop music megastar Michael Jackson who has infiltrated Mr. Big's fortress to rescue dozens of kidnapped children. There are five levels of play, and Michael must rescue all of the children and defeat a boss character to advance to the next level. Players begin the game with three lives and one burst of "dance magic." When Michael activates his dance magic, all of Mr. Big's henchmen who are onscreen are forced to dance along and are destroyed. When he's not dancing, Michael uses energy blasts to defeat the bad guys. When Michael rescues children, they sometimes give him additional dance magic bursts or life energy. Near the end of each round, Bubbles the chimp runs onscreen to assist Michael. If Michael manages to catch Bubbles, he mutates into the powerful Moonwalker, a robot who can fire missiles and lasers at enemies. In the fifth and final round, Michael squares off against Mr. Big and his killing machine. If Michael defeats Mr. Big, he mutates into a robotic spaceship and whisks the children away to safety as Mr. Big's fortress explodes. The game features five Michael Jackson hits as background music, including Bad, Smooth Criminal, and Beat It. Two players can play simultaneously. Player 1's character will be dressed in white. Player 2's character will be dressed in red. It was developed as a tie-in to Michael Jackson's "BAD" album. It was influenced heavily by other fighting games and shooters. Its game play is similar to fighting games like Double Dragon and Renegade, except that there is no hand-to-hand combat in Moonwalker.
Full Demo 486kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Full Demo with DOSBox + Emulated Arcade / Genesis / SEGA Mastery System versions 62MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Floppy Image ISO Demo (Kryoflux format) 27MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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