Zeddas 3: Labyrinthe [J] Caravan Interactive 1998

This is a rare Japanese adventure made with Macromedia Director, and third in the series of surreal games. Travel with Fairy "Ripple" that lost her memory. Ripple encourages you playing. Ripple complains that she is hungry and runs away somewhere. Please note that it will be inconvenient to continue traveling without her. Communicate well with Ripple and let her feel secure. In the mouth is said to be strong, but in reality it is lonely. Getting her trust is the key to finishing the adventure and her lost memory. Those who do not value friendship will not be trusted by girls. Over 20 types of puzzles. Authentic orthodox adventure game.
Japanese 2CD ISO + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 569MB

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