Nancy Drew 31: Labyrinth of Lies Her Interactive 2014

Nancy goes to Greece to assist a museum curator, Melina Rosi, in preparation for their amphitheater's performance of "Persephone in Winter". However, some of the museum's artifacts soon go missing, and the museum's employees mysteriously abandon their duties. Nancy must also recover the artifacts. Organize Greek displays and exhibits - fill in for the museum curator and assemble exhibits before the grand opening. Use stagecraft expertise to survive backstage - sneak behind the curtains to explore the treacherous underworld stage sets. Experience the world of ancient Greece - solve challenging puzzles based on actual Greek myths and artwork. The Hardy Boys are on the line - use your mobile phone to hear potentially lifesaving tips from Frank and Joe. Select difficulty levels - play at Amateur or Master Sleuth level and erase any mistakes without starting over. Bonus Edition features: find and collect exclusive in-game phone charms; receive extra theatre audio performances; snoop through additional entries in characters' tablets; play mini-games on your in-game cell phone; earn an exclusive in-game award.
ISO Demo 1.50GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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