Da Capo III Circus 2012

Da Capo III is a Japanese visual novel developed by Circus that was released in limited and regular editions on April 27, 2012 as a DVD playable on a Windows PC and is rated for ages 15 and up making it the first main entry in the Da Capo franchise to not feature adult content. It is the next main installment after the second generation in the Da Capo visual novel franchise: Da Capo II and the otome game Da Capo: Girls Symphony. The story takes place 20 years after the events from Da Capo II. An island named Hatsune-jima shaped similarly to a crescent moon is famous for its cherry blossom trees, one of which is rumored to make any wish come true. One day, the unofficial newspaper club decides to challenge the official newspaper club to see who can write a better article. Ricca Morizono, the president of the newspaper club, accepts the challenge along with Himeno Katsuragi, Charles Yoshino, Sara Rukawa, Aoi Hinomoto and the only male member of the club, Kiyotaka Yoshino, the protagonist. However the girls start to find Kiyotaka quite a distraction. On Jan 20/2017, English versions were released as Da Capo III R, an all-ages version, and Da Capo R: X-rated.
Japanese Limited Edition DVD ISO Demo 3.4GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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