RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel [erka:es] 2012

Several months after the events of Rosenkreuzstilette, a mysterious organization Schwarzkreuz led by Pamela Arwig, abduct Spiritia Rosenberg and begin to hunt witches for the church in an effort to bring them to justice. Freudia Neuwahl along with her new fairy friend, Strudel, sets off to fight this Dark Magi organization and bring Spiritia back to the others at RKS. This action platformer sequel to the original game features Freudia Neuwahl as the protagonist. Freudia possesses similar abilities to Spiritia and various forms of ice manipulation. However, she does not copy her defeated foe's powers. Instead, she can implement the ability of her defeated foes to learn new abilities. An English version was released in Oct/2017.
v0.01a (C75), v0.05a (C76), v1.04 - Japanese Full Demos 110.2/91.1/433.6MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
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