Dragon Knight 4 [J] Elf Co., Ltd. 1994

This is a sequel to Knights of Xentar (known as Dragon Knight 3 when originally released in Japan). Years have passed after Takeru (a.k.a. Desmond, the hero of the previous Dragon Knight games) defeated the ultimate evil. He married his sweetheart Luna, and they had a son named Kakeru. This fifteen-year-old boy has one weakness: he likes naked female elves. But soon he learns that the evil wizard Lushifon wants to turn all people into stones and control the whole world while nobody is able to stop him. Together with the mysterious swordsman Eto and many other heroes, Kakeru must perform his ultimate quest and defeat Lushifon and his minions. In this tactical role-playing game the player controls nine units in battles, assigned according to the class of the character who leads the unit. The opponents also form similar groups, and are also divided into classes. Each class has its own range, strengths, and weaknesses. There are many characters the players can recruit to the party, and they belong to different classes (barbarians, archers, magicians, etc.). It was also adapted into illustrated novels and an anime miniseries. The adult content (scenes which include nudity) was from the console releases. In 2007, a remake was done with 3D graphics.
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Japanese Full Demo 11MB (uploaded by Adult Computer Games Collection)
2007 Japanese Remake - DVD ISO Demo 2.21GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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