Pranksterz: No Rest for the Wicked VZlab / GFI 2007

Neighbors always nosing around? Poking into your business? Now you can get back at them during the best time of the year – their vacation! Using a wide range of props and tricks, this lets you play practical jokes and pranks on your pesky neighbors during their holidays to drive them nuts. Mix vinegar in their lemonade, lure ants into their bed, rig their hammock for a good fall! Make sure to take your pranks seriously though, you’ll need to be sneaky not to get caught, and you have to be smart to combine several tricks together for extra bonuses. Non-stop antics, great cartoon-style graphics, various holiday settings and crazy animations will have you laughing for hours. Use stealth and skill to set your plan in motion and escape detection.
ISO Demo 477MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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