Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock Red Herring Labs / Phoenix Online Studios 2015

This is a commercial expanded version of the acclaimed 2009 free flash game. Crash-landed on a desolate, alien planet, what should've been a routine work-for-hire job for Powell has become a deadly mission to save the merchant vessel Morningstar and her crew. With one man dead and the captain gravely injured, Powell is on his own to repair the ship and find a way to escape the strange gravity well of the empty planet they've landed on. And if the situation weren't dire enough, the only signs of life on the planet are the remains of a much larger and better equipped ship and her crew, all dead, and not by natural means. What or who brought down these ships and is killing their crews? For what reason? And can Powell find a way off-planet before he shares the same fate? Experience an immersive sci-fi adventure, packed with gorgeous HD graphics, brand-new puzzles and scenes, and an all-new, streamlined interface. Newly remastered cinematics display the haunting landscapes in beautiful high definition. Uncover the mystery of Deadrock through new and optimized puzzles and an extended storyline. The alien planet of Deadrock comes alive with full voice acting and engrossing sound effects. Includes an atmospheric remastered soundtrack with over 30 minutes of original music.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 451MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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