Die drei ??? Kids: Jagd auf das Phantom [G] Independent Arts Software GmbH / United Soft Media Verlag GmbH 2014

This is the first game of the "Die drei ??? Kids" brand. In this adventure, a phantom wants to steal the heirlooms of the family Steinberg. Justus, Peter and Bob solve hidden object games and puzzles of all kinds to catch the phantom. A journey into the past of the three Detectives who investigate a cult that lives on the farm of the widow Elizabeth Steinberg. Her husband died a short time ago and they should be expelled from their farm, although the country has been one generations in her husband's family. However, it has no documents that confirm the ownership of the land. Can the three young detectives help? It's a thrilling adventure game with detailed graphics designed in cartoon style. The game world is known from locations in Rocky Beach. It has 40 Hidden Object Puzzle and Logic Games.
German Full Demo + Movies Addon 171+92MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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