Sleuthhounds SeaLeft Studios 2015

Pureluck Homes is a feline consulting detective. Jane Ampson a freelance writing mouse. Together they are the Sleuthhounds and they’re here to solve the confounding crimes baffling police forces the world over. Sleuthhounds is (or will be) a series of computer adventure games where you (yes, you!) take control of both Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson. You'll guide the detecting duo through their most challenging and hi-larious cases (you'll know they'll be funny because hilarious was spelt with a hyphen). Set in the ever expanding Cubes storyverse, these ooint-n-click adventure games that can be played one handed, leaving your other hand free for munchies. Multiple control schemes tailored to playing by mouse OR on touch based tablets. Different difficulty settings, hotspot highlighter, and built in hint system allow you to control how challenging the, er, challenge is. Unique clue connecting challenges allow you to get inside the head (ew!) of the famed detective. Multiple achievements and special feature unlocks will keep you coming back to prove you are the greatest sleuthhound. #1 The Unlocked Room (Mar) Pureluck Homes has been abducted! He awakens from a chloroform induced stupor to find himself trapped in a dungeon. The only way out: an open hatch in the ceiling above, tantalizingly beyond his reach. It's a standalone preface which serves as a demo for the forthcoming, much larger Sleuthhounds game. Can you guide the dauntless detective to freedom? Can you learn the identity of the one behind Homes' capture? And whatever happened to the invitation to Homes’s next big case? #2 The Cursed Cannon (Nov) Famed adventuress Amelia Deerhart is set to be the first person to travel to the moon. But when her moon shot unexpectedly fails its clear there’s more going on this fateful night than meets the eye. Take on the role of Jane Ampson as she digs into the mystery and intrigue surrounding the moon shot. Was the moon shot sabotaged? And if so, by whom? Rival adventurer Phineas Hogg? Muckraking reporter Dirk Digger? Or maybe the moon shot's sponsor Mister Moray? Guide Jane on her journey towards an even greater adventure yet to come, in this complete and standalone story of deduction and reconciliation. #3 The Valentine's Vendetta (Feb/2016) This is a commercial game. Murder most foul has happened at the gentlewoman’s club of the Crimson Debutantes, and on Valentine’s Day of all days. The only course of action is to call on club member Jane Ampson and her detecting partner Pureluck Homes to crack the contemptible crime. Together the Sleuthhounds must monitor the movements of the club’s members, appraise (semi) fine art, dig into horticulture, and maybe even spark a romance between a certain feline detective and the club's maid. #4 The Halloween Deception (Oct/2016) This is a commercial game. An urgent summons brings detecting duo Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson to Bram Tender's annual Halloween party. But all is not fun and games as the party goers – employees at Tender’s Novelty Co. – are in danger of being..."or elsed". Our peerless private investigators must put a stop to practical jokes gone too far: itching powder allergies, critical banana slippage, silly string suffocation, and chattering vampire teeth. Can they save the day, win the Halloween contests, and ferret out the perpetrator all before the party ends with a bang?
The Unlocked Room - Free Preface Demo 29MB (uploaded by Official Site)
The Cursed Cannon - Free Game 79MB (uploaded by

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