Tuk Ruk Joint Custody / Flying Interactive 2015

A fast-paced 2D action/puzzle platformer with four different playable characters. The grandson of Lost Vikings and Lemmings. Use the unique skills of the four characters as you explore the jungle, tracking down the absent-minded ZOOKS and guiding them to safety. The jungle contains a many plants with special effects along with the GUZ-GUZ, who really don't like it when you invade their space. Get the ZOOKS out and finish the level before nightfall, when the WUMPIRE bats come out to play... They just love juicy TUKRUK. Key Features: 20 levels to play; swap between 4 characters with different special skills; 4 animated enemy archetypes with different skill sets and abilities; 4 boss fights; colorful jungle environment; cute graphics and fun animations; lots of fast moving gameplay; many puzzles to solve along the way; fun music and sound effects.
ISO Demo 431MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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