Doka-Chan no Block Kuzushi 2 Yamada No Ana Project 2000

Sequel to the original Doka-Chan no Block Kuzushi, this is a nice-looking Breakout clone that doesn't offer much innovation, but is a competent one anyway. The goal should be familiar to everyone by now: make all the blocks (in this case steel beams) in the level disappear by bouncing a ball on them from your paddle (in this case Yamada, a construction worker carrying a steel beam on his shoulders). You can play as one of three builders. In the metal rectangles are hidden fruits that act as powerups. They increase the number of balls, make the characters move faster, etc. When the ball hits the ground, creating an additional lane to be removed. A big advantage is the ability to play games with two players on a single computer at the same time. Control is via the keyboard, which is rare in Arkanoid games. The ball is very small compared to the size of each beam you have to knock, and surprises (extra balls, power-ups, etc.) are few and far between. Most of the beams also take two or more hits (they change color each time) to disappear, making the gameplay a relatively tedious, drawn-out process as it can take a long time before you clear the screen. If you enjoy Breakout games with good graphics, it may be worth a try. It's fun for a few minutes at a time.
contained in Yamada No Ana project collection - Free Games (provided by myloch & uploaded by Scaryfun) 10MB

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