Princess Maker: Refine Edition [J] Gainax Co., Ltd. 2003

This is the first of Gainax' "princess-raising simulation" game series originally on Japanese computers in 1991. This Refine Edition has enhanced graphics and voices. You are a noble warrior who has just saved your kingdom from an invasion by the terrible Demon Lord. The grateful king offers you to choose any reward you wish for your brave deed. But instead of opting for half of the kingdom or the riches of the land, you ask the king for the permission to raise a poor little orphan girl named Maria. And so the game begins. You are the one who has to build Maria's future. Of course, you can do it in many ways. You can strive to make a real princess out of her, teach her good manners, study arts, to make her a brave fighter like yourself, or just a lazy bimbo who cares for nothing. Her destiny is in your hands. The player can send the daughter to town to view the people's opinions of her. The wardrobe is also much larger than the sequel. There are four sets of clothing for each season. These clothes change after aging. Therefore, there are about 28 sets of clothing the daughter can wear over the years. The Harvest Festival has a Combat Tournament and a Miss Kingdom Contest. If the daughter succeeds, her popularity will rise. There are 74 possible endings, ranging from humble jobs such as a soldier or a mason, to prestigious jobs such as Archbishop or Prime Minister, to "dark side" jobs such as prostitute or crime lord. In addition, numerous factors decide whether or not the daughter is successful at her job, whom she marries, and whether she has children of her own. An English version was released in Feb/2017.
Japanese ISO Demo 209MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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