PeterBox / Soko-Sex True Emotions Software 1994

This game was originally created by a Spanish shareware house. They released it by two names: Peter Box and Soko Sex. The concept is derived from the Japanese puzzle game "Sokoban". Soko-Sex adds pictures of young naked models, whose parts are shown to you after completing the levels. Original idea of game is not changed but added strip motivation. First level is the same, others levels are not very changed from original ones but some of them are new. Soko-Ban players just has to remember how to put this box in that place. The source code of the DOS Peterbox is probably lost, and the game itself is very rare too, but in 2005, Joel Yliluoma recreated it in Javascript.
Browser-Playable Java Version (uploaded by Official Site)
Shareware - Full Game Unlocker (provided by RhymeKidder & upped by Scaryfun) 47kb
Shareware Level Demo 66kb (uploaded by
Soko-Sex - Spanish Full Demo 380kb (uploaded by myloch)

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