Room Beyond, A René Bühling 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jun 13/2017 This is a dark pixel-style fantasy point and click adventure game inspired by literature, art, games and movies in the genre of victorian horror fiction. Help the villagers to solve the mystery of the murderous fog wanderer and uncover your own fate that brought you to this place. This interactive graphic novel is based on spirituality, occultism and philosophy of life. You may like this game if you like story-driven fantasy, mystery and horror art, movies and games. When you awake, you find yourself trapped in a gloomy cave. Dim candle light reveals strange symbols and cult objects all over this place. You can’t remember what happened, but this place gives you shivers. There is a tiny ray of light in the distance which might lead to a room beyond this darkness. Outside the cave you find yourself in a forest which is surrounded by deep gorges and thick layers of fog. A crowd of people lives here in fear of an ominous apparition that creeps through the fog for manhunt. Help the villagers to solve the mystery of the murderous fog wanderer and uncover the fate that brings you to this place. The game does not define specific timing so that players can take their time to explore the virtual world. Additional game features are unlocked gradually while progressing storyline. The game's visual perspective is known as 2.5D, which describes a combination of 3D effects in a general 2D stage design. Both types bring their own benefits to the game: Interaction and navigation is easy in a 2D scenery, but visual perception of depth is increased by using 3D objects. Manual and procedural processing steps create a mosaic-like pixel effect which results in a graphical abstraction that increases the scope of visual interpretation and stimulates players' imagination. Combination of both, smooth animations brought by modern technology and the look and feel of retro pixel game design leads to a fresh contemporary graphic style. Episodic chapters tell the story like a television series. Episode 1: The Goldwasher and his Wife (Mar 17), Episode 2: An Unusual Profession (Jun 3), Episode 3: The Voice from the Deep (Dec 1), Episode 4: The Cat in the Mirror (Mar 9/2017).
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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