Lunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book Artdink / Degica 1997

Small tales add up to create a history that is all your own. Your mission is to seize the key of fate and build the history of this land. In this nonlinear RPG, your adventure takes place on a vast continent inspired by medieval Europe, Japan, and China. This world is governed by the four forces of Order, Chaos, Good, and Evil. Your actions will affect the balance of these forces and the future of this world. Choose your own adventure - you are a free adventurer. Go to an inn and select your quest. From simple tasks like shopping and delivery to extermination and escort, and even smuggling. Depending on how you choose to live, you could become a great hero or a great villain, saving the world from darkness or helping to destroy it. An English translation was released in 2016 for the Steam version.
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Japanese ISO Demo 297MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Steam release - English Translation Patch 444kb (uploaded by Romhacking)

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