Farnham Fables Ethrea Dreams / Sometimes You 2016

Episode 1: The King’s Medicine (Jun 20) When Naigye and her niece Cally visit the castle, a surprise encounter with King Farnham leads to a short story about his three sons visiting a village of native lizard people. Do you like, or at least, are able to tolerate: Point-and-click adventure games; Simple yet honest "old school" 216-color graphics; An 800x600 windowed resolution; The ability to go full screen with either stretched or un-stretched pixels; A single EXE file that's less than 5 MB; Lots and lots and LOTS of reading; A unique response for every single possible interaction; Lizard girls? Episode 2 (Aug 31) Wendy Edison and her family come home from church, only to find the gate to the pasture broken and one of their cows has wandered off. To make matters worse, Wendy's sister Winona blames herself and runs off as well. Looks like today isn't going to be just another Sunday. Episode 3 (Dec 19/2017) Theresa Doyle is pretty excited about going to school today, because Prince Philip Farnham will be coming to the Brown Forest Elementary School to give a presentation about some rare and fascinating animals. Unfortunately, a brief lapse in supervision has allowed them to get loose in the school. Hopefully Philip can round them all up and still have time to give his presentation.
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