Lego My Style: Kindergarten Stormfront Studios, Inc. / LEGO Software 2000

Follow your imagination into a new world - welcome to a magical 3D world that children can explore at their own pace. It is the ideal setting for your child to be introduced to math words music and art. It builds the foundations for creative learning and complements the skills children are learning in school. Discover a new way of learning tailored to your child's individual needs. Choose from four different learning environments: Math, Art, Music, or Language. Pick a learning buddy to explore any of the four environments. Each LEGO friend represents a style of learning: visual musical tactile linguistic or analytical. Play a game once or over and over the learning buddies never lose patience. Learn school readiness skills from your LEGO friend. Practice what you've learned by teaching it to Clicky and Bricky. Covers words, numbers, sums, counting, listening, memorization, letter, shapes, sequencing, rhythm, pitch, volume, instruments, and more! Teach music to Clicky and Bricky. Go into the toyshop to learn about numbers. Explore the world of art in a secret cave. Michelle Angelo is always playing with shapes and colors.
Full Demo 43MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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