Dragon Tales: Dragon Frog Jamboree Encore 2002

Kids from ages 3 to 6 can take a tour through dark caves and aerial playgrounds to the end of a rainbow, in search of frogs who have lost their way in the magical world of DragonLand. Friends from the popular TV series "Dragon Tales" help kids find their way through mazes, match patterns, replace the missing colors of the rainbow, and make music with kazoos, horns, and guitars. They also learn that rewards can come from following instructions and helping others. They are given a special "listening flower" to help locate the hidden frogs. As players explore 15 different scenes in Dragon Land, they look for camouflaged frogs, use the flower to listen for them, and play 7 different learning games. Kids learn colors by chasing butterfly-type animals, finish patterns by planting flowers, and learn practice skills by matching the musical croaks of Dragon Frogs. This preschool title nurtures exploration, offers three levels of challenge, and presents learning games that are fun to play.
ISO Demo 348MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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