Word City Sanctuary Woods, Magic Quest Inc. / KidSoft 1994

This is the first word game to integrate spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Designed for children ages 7-14, this comprehensive educational product empowers children by letting them select the reading themes that interest them. The result is that kids are motivated to learn new words, improve their spelling and enhance their comprehension of what they read. It seamlessly integrates playing a thrilling, entertaining game with building essential skills in vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension. Unlike other reading instruction titles on the market, it's integrated approach helps kids develop these skills by drawing on an innovative whole language approach. In the game, children improve word skills while exploring favorite themes such as sports, science discovery, and favorite tales. "Snorkelers" from another galaxy are consuming Word City. Kids join Bit-Bot, your city tour guide, to save "Word City" by surrounding the Snorkelers. The game features nine word skill challenges and 2,400 essential words. There are two skill levels for the game to assure an age-appropriate learning experience: "Prodigy," geared for grades 2-5; and "Ace," designed for grades 5-8. Kids are delighted with its video game action. Teachers recommend it because it offers more learning content than any other language arts game. It's the only product to combine all of these language arts skills into one program and to provide comprehensive coverage for each topic. By encouraging kids to choose the subject in which they are most interested at the skill level they prefer, this title uses self-directed learning as a vehicle for a solid reading education experience. In the "sports" theme, the questions relate to favorite sports heroes. The "unbelievable" theme presents particularly amazing stories, such as world records. The "favorite tales" theme revolves around well-known children's stories. Finally, the "discovery" theme is built around fun science facts and stories. Throughout the game, vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension questions are presented with several different interfaces so that kids have a variety of questions and a wide range of ways to develop language arts skills. For example, additional challenges are introduced in three games-within-a-game, as snorkelers challenge players to one of three randomized duels: "Tower of Babble," a vocabulary game where kids race the clock to create words with select letters; "Rap City," a fast-paced reading comprehension exercise that challenges kids to rhyme and rap; and "Word Shoot," a fun, easy-to-play game that explores parts of speech and phonetics. Additionally, it includes Smart Lab, an area where kids can practice or simply explore and learn more about any of the concepts presented. This interactive workshop provides in-depth information and fun exercises in reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and speed reading. It even allows kids to create their own personal context libraries. This unique lab-like approach increases kids' learning power and allows them to work on specific areas before they re-enter the game.
ISO Demo 39MB (uploaded by Bandit Keith)

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